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Hi! This is the site for all my main OCs. I'm currently working on it but there should be bare bones info for now. A little about me? I am a geologist with an interest in retro art, rock music, and creative writing. My favorite geological feature are volcanoes. You may or may not have seen me lurking around the internet before.

While this is an OC site, it is NOT an archive for OC information nor art. The full lore is stored away in my brain, and the art away in a personal hard drive. This site is more meant to just showcase my OCs and share a small portion of their lore, parts that are most relevant for art related purposes.

As this site is currently very heavy under development, apologies in advance if texts and links can be hard to read! It will be fixed eventually, but I need my info out first. My character pages look way better than the front page lol.

Site Updates

Aaaaaaand all the character pages I've been targetting to complete are finished! Just in time before I leave to look at exploding rocks lol. I'm particularly proud of how TB and Mona's pages turned out.

And my OC site finally is online! It's taken me a few years to really get around to this project since I've been temporarily using Carrd to host my OC site, but my subscription ran out so when's a better time than now? I'd rather have a barebones site with my content on it than worry about making it look perfect, so I'm excited to see how this develops over the years!